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The Next BIG Thing
   [1]  Investment consultancy
   [2]  Asset Management
   [3]  International Foreign Trade
   [4]  Private Placement Program

The Right Goal

with the right team
   [1]  career achievement
   [2]  team enchantment
   [3]  experience sharing
   [4]  Global Collaboration

Want to know more about our Investment Activities ?

The company EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD, a fund management company of Jorfylt AG (an affiliate and sister company of BERYAK AG). Manages commercial activities in trade of global fund management, petroleum products, constructions managements. Company and its partners are specially having considerable expertise in structuring complicated transactions and projects to the satisfaction of all involved parties and beneficiaries. In 2007, Jorfylt AG began making investments in the energy and mining sector in various countries. In 2008, Jorfylt AG entered the fields of asset management, international trade, real estate management and construction. Rapid success in these sectors led to the establishment of new company under the umbrella of BERYAK AG.